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Editing a page is almost as important as creating one because it is only through editing that articles become better and PhoenixHistory gets richer in usefulness. Luckily, it's just as easy!


  1. Click on the edit tab.
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Press the "Show preview" button to verify that everything looks good.
  4. Describe your edits in the Summary field.
  5. Press "Save page" to commit your changes to the permanent record.

Kinds of Editing

There are many different kinds of editing and we recommend that you try to save your changes on each pass so that the changes are obvious to readers and authors.


This is the most common kind of edit: the grammatical or spelling correction.


This editing pass aims to clarify points with additional context or by removing confusing parts. The aim is to make the content more clear through a number of methods.


This editing pass is closely aligned with editing for clarity except that it is focused on economy of words rather than economy of thought. Elimination of "needless words," in Strunk's memorable phrase, is the cornerstone.